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Video preview of 3D X Chat, the most advanced online adult game with live video sex chat. 3D Sex Chat is an Online Multiplayer Sex Game. 

3DX Chat features virtual reality sex where you can play, sex and chat with real people from around the world from within the game itself. Relax in the hottest clubs or stroll down the beach and check out the babes in this amazing 3d virtual world. Pick your own clothing and furnish your apartment to your liking. Full support of virtual reality sex accessories like VStroker and Oculus VR.



3D SexVilla Interactive Online Lesbian Sex

This is one of the most popular online sex games on the net and the sexy encounters are in real-time spectacular 3D exclusive sex action! More than photos or inactive videos, 3D SexVilla 2 is a real-time highly entertaining 3D sex simulator for adults only. It’s like actually being there and being part of the action! Check out these screen caps of online lesbian sex from inside the 3d sex game.

3D SexVilla Interactive 3D Sex Game 3D SexVilla Interactive 3D Sex Game 2

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3D SexVilla is an exciting exclusive sex simulator, with plenty of content, sexy models, hot places, unbelievable positions, cool clothing, and tons of adult sex toys and games. – Free Download

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3DXChat MMO 3D Virtual Sex Game

3DXChat is the web’s newest downloadable interactive sex game strictly made for adults who wish to connect for a  sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming. Looking For 3D Virtual Sex? Sizzling virtual intercourse with a real partner!. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW

3DXChat MMO 3D Virtual Sex Game

Be a part of the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client, chat, date and revel in lifelike 3D sex. The bounds are only outlined by your imagination. Welcome to 3DXChat – the adult 3d world where all of your secret sexual fantasies come true, where you may be anybody and you can speak to real people. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW

3DXChat MMO 3D Virtual Sex Game 2

Be a part of the most advanced (adult only) 3d porn games on the planet. Fulfill any fantasy with life-like digital sex graphics that look so good, you’ll swear they’re real! In 3DXChat you’ll be able to fully customize your character’s look, there are hundreds of clothes in your wardrobe. Create your own house inside design: dozens of pieces of furnishings, sofas, tables, beds, chairs.

04 07

You’ll be able to interact with your own 3d world. Invite someone for a cup of tea after which you will be able to seamlessly move onto the sofa or bed for something more exciting. Invite all your friends and spend your time with real  pleasure in 3DXChat. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW


Inside 3DXCHAT you will enjoy Incredibly realistic new generation 3D graphics with no analogues in the world of 3D Sex games, Motion Capture animation copied from real-life porn actors, sex and chat with real people around the globe, free movement in the 3D virtual world, your own personal apartment interior design, fully customizing the appearance of characters, a wide selection of clothes and much more!

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Cherry Dolls 3D Virtual Sex Game

Cherry Dolls Sex Game — # The sexy CherryDolls girls…
Bobbi: Blonde and bubbly, Bobbi is your college girl fantasy come true.
Gretchen: Dark-haired beauty Gretchen is, well, hot. She knows it too.
Kate: With her shock of red hair, Kate takes you by surprise and won’t let go
More hot girls of all types coming soon.

(screen-cap courtesy of Cherry Dolls 3D Interactive Virtual Sex Game)

Beautiful environments… The Bedroom: Oh, the comfort of a soft bed and a locked door…

The Forest: A secluded glade so you and your lovely can get back to nature

The Garden: Be daring and frolic amongst the flowers. Don’t be too loud or someone may hear you!
Each environment has its own ambient sounds so you really feel like you’re there.

New environments are being created all the time.

(screen-cap courtesy of Cherry Dolls 3D Interactive Virtual Sex Game)
Total immersion… 3D positional erotic sounds that change with the mood.
Total camera control: move the camera anywhere you like, even inside objects to get a better view.
Choose the guy you want, White, Latino, or Black.
Easy to use interface that can be controlled with one hand…
Choose from multiple positions and switch whenever you like.
The girls like some positions better than the guys and vice versa. It’s up to you to experiment.
Each position has multiple variations and speeds that change as you go, just like real sex.

(screen cap courtesy of Cherry Dolls 3D Interactive Virtual Sex Game)
You can even control the speed yourself or tell them to stop and rest, adding even more variation.
Take photos from any camera position for viewing later.
Cum in multiple places: in her mouth, on her chest, on her face, or inside her. You decide.
See if you can make them both cum at once for a challenge that makes everyone happy.
Runs in 15 different resolutions for standard and widescreen monitors.
Designed by a real couple for the ultimate sex experience, whether you’re alone or with a friend.

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Online Adult Game Virtual Hottie 2

Hot pictures of the New 3D Virtual Sex Game Virtual Hottie 2 — Virtual Hottie, check out the next generation of the online sex simulation game.

Virtual Hottie 2 is not just another adult game in the 3D sex game field, this one features hot, horny women in full 3D environments !

virtual hottie adult game

The sex animations look very natural because they use this MoCap system, the idle animations are done by hand and look amazing as well.

(pictures courtesy of Virtual Hottie 2)

3D Virtual Sex Game Virtual Hottie

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